• Summer 2010 "Astronomy 10" (University of California Berkeley)

    I taught the course "Astronomy 10: Introduction into general Astronomy" at University of California Berkeley. This is an undergraduate level regular course for science as well as non-science majors. I had 100% responsibility for all tasks. I taught this course to 37 students. Course materials can be found at the course web site

  • Fall 2002-2006 "High Energy Astrophysics" (Moscow State University)

    For 5 years I taught the course "High Energy Astrophysics" at Moscow State University in a team with Prof. Konstantin Postnov. This is an advanced undergraduate/beginning graduate level one-semester course. The course program was developed by us from scratch, as no course on high energy astrophysics was offered at MSU before. I had 50% responsibility for all tasks: course syllabus, lectures, exams; in 2005 I taught the course alone. Here is the course program in Russian and its English translation.

  • Fall 2015 "Physics of Radiopulsars 101" (International school of young astronomers "Magneto plasmic processes in relativistic astrophysics")

    I read two lectures on the physics of radio pulsars at the International school of young astronomers Magneto plasmic processes in relativistic astrophysics" held in Tarussa, Russia in September 2015. Slides om my lectures can be found here [60 MB]